Standard Imprint Colors

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Tan 100

Yellow 123
Yellow 131
Yellow 132
Orange 142
Orange 151
Orange 021
Orange 167
Brown 483
Red 186
Pink 217
Red 032
Red 187
PMS 202
Lt Blue 2615
Process Blue
Reflex Blue
Light Green 340
Standard Green 356
Dark Green 350
Lt Purple 2563
Standard Purple 261
Dark Purple 2627
Standard Teal 322
About Standard Imprint Colors?
For Promotional Products:
PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS: Standard Imprint Colors may vary between manufacturers, we have comprised the closest color chart possible. When your checkout your promotional items from on of our stores, you are given a list of standard colors, if your logo imprint requires an exact color you may want to purchase a PMS Color Match.

What is a PMS Color Match?