Why do Pens make the Best Promotional Products?

  Everybody uses Promotional Pens
  Name one business that does not use a writing instrument? I can name plenty of businesses that don't use imprinted tote bags or mouse pads. No matter what business your are in your clients will have a need for promotional pens in their home or office. Did you know that in 2008 about 18% of all of the promotional products sold were promotional pens? Here's why...
  Easy to Distribute
  Promotional pens are easy to handout at trade shows, business after hours, company gatherings, or running your daily errands. You can also distribute promotional pens to a wide variety of people by using your promotional pens in a bulk mailing campaign. Everyone loves getting a free gift in the mail. 
  Useful Promotional Item
  You want to avoid giving people a gift that they can't really use. Making sure that your promotional gift has a purpose or use is essential when creating your marketing campaign. Promotional pens allow daily usage and can apply to everyone. This allows your company logo or contact information to be directly in front of your potential clients all day long.
  Budget Saver!
  PenImprint.com offers a wide variety of promotional pens for extreme discounted rates, we have advertising pens to fit any budget, just check out our Cheap Pens section or our Bulk Order Discount section. Only have $100 to spend? Not a problem - Try the Paper Mate Write Bros Pen or the Bic Clic Stic Pen with a low minimum of 300 pens. PenImprint.com offers No Setup Fees for your first color imprint and Free Shipping if you spend over $200 in our store.
  High Retention Rate
  Promotional Pens have a high retention rate because they are useful, that is why people will hold on to them. If you are handing out cheap pens, the pen may stay in the car for quick notes. If you are marketing with an executive Sheaffer pens, the pen may be retained for quality or gift reasons... for example, nobody throws away a $10 silver Sheaffer pen, but a Stick Pen may get tossed within a few months. Either way people will initially retain the pen... the length of time that they hold on to the pen varies on the structural quality and value of the promotional pen.
  Pens have a Long Shelf Life
  Promotional pens can sit on someone's desk for literally for years. They can be passed around the financial offices, restaurants, department stores, everywhere before being taken home by anybody. Not only can they have a long shelf life but they will allow your ad to be seen by a wide variety of people.

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