How Do I Choose a Promotional Pen?

  What is the Goal of my Promotional Pen?
  What is the purpose of my promotional pen? What is my expected end result of my promotional pen marketing? Making your advertising campaign work requires doing a little more than just ordering the pens with your logo. First and foremost you need to establish your marketing budget, and don't forget to include shipping or distribution expense. After your budget is established you need to decide what you would like for your customer to get from their promotional pen. What do you want them to remember, like simple name recognition, contact information, promo discount codes, list of services, etc.
  Establish a Budget
  Finding the right budget for your marketing campaign is essential. Calculating your return on investment can be tricky. Let's say that you are marketing with the Paper Mate Sport Retractable Pen and you are received 15 order of $200 from your company. Your cost from the pens was less than $200, and your Revenue was $3,000. You can't credit all of your orders just to the promotional pens, the pens usually are only a small part of selling the deal. Not to mention that you may have order a year down the road because they still had your promotional pen. Customer service, a good website, friendly sales staff, and pricing all can contribute to your sales and you need all of these things to make your business profitable.
  Define your Clientele
  Who is your customer? If you are a Buyer's Real Estate Agent your customers are homebuyers, so where should we distribute our pens? Drop them off at mortgage offices, homebuyer seminars, title insurance offices, etc. You need to take some time to figure our who your target audience is and then work on what information that you want them to retain by looking at your promotional pen.
  Suggestions for Picking the Pen
  So if you want your customers to see a list of services from your company, the promotional Bic Message Pen would be an excellent option because you can display 6 lines of text as well as your logo imprint. Message Pens allow you to put a lot of information on a pen but without the clutter and high cost. Another pen that is perfect for imprinting a lot of information is the Bic Tri Stic Pen and the Paper Mate TriEdge Pen. These pens have 3-sides of imprint space included in the price!

If you are using this pen as an executive gift or employee appreciation gift you are going to want to focus on laser engraved pens, metal pens, and pen sets. These idea behind these pens is that your customer will hold more of a value to the pen, thus increasing the retention rate of the promotional item.

If you are just looking for company recognition or logo branding, they you just want to make sure that you are distributing a quality pen. So if you are not buying a brand name like Bic, Paper Mate, Sharpie, Uni-ball, etc make sure that you order a sample of the promotional pen to make sure that you like what you are buying. If you like your promotional pen, chances are your clients will too.


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