How many Promotional Pens should I Order?

  Well... What's the Game Plan?
  You are going to have an obvious quantity that is needed to purchase, for example if you are doing a 1,000 piece mailing, you are probable going to want 1,000 promotional pens. Remember that you are also going to want to order a little extra for your own personal handouts. Even an extra 100 pieces is a good idea. They are not going to go to waste.
  Quantity vs. Cost
  At  we offer the cheapest prices on all of our brand name pens, we understand that you need to get the most out of your dollar. We do not recommend buying much more than you need per order... why? Because our pen prices are so low that you may want to mix it up a little and order a different style pen or a different color pen. Our first column pricing is so cheap that it's worth it to have a little variety. Remember you are going to have to LOVE your promotional products in order for you to give them out, and keeping your promotional pens a "new" help you and your staff get excited about your promotional pens.
  A Reason to Buy BIG - Large Bulk Orders
  We at Pen Imprint also offer Custom Orders on pens that are 5,000 units or more, thus offer extremely cheap pricing. These pens are directly imported  from our overseas factory and delivered to you, and you will save BIG. Factory Direct Imported Pens will allow you to stock up on pens for the whole year, at an extreme discounted price. View our Bulk Order Pens section.

The downside to bulk ordering your promotional pens is that you have a large upfront expense, even through it saves you a lot of money in the long run.


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