What are Promotional Pens?

  Promotional Pens or Advertising Pens are defined as any writing instrument that is decorated or imprinted with a company logo, advertising campaign or marketing slogan. Advertising Pens will promote your company or cause while being distributed out at trade shows, business meetings, sales meetings, and in small business retail stores. Promotional Pens are designed to constantly remind your potential clients of your company's services and allow quick access to your company's contact information that may be imprinted on the pen.
  What Are Promotional Pens Used For?
  Contact Information - Pens will allow you to keep your company's contact information right in front of your client for long periods of time. For Example if you are marketing your services to a company's sales staff, it may be easier for them to just call you to "see what you company can do". In fact lets say that you are a loan officer soliciting auto dealerships, well if your phone number is on the pen that they took the customer's application with, you have a very high chance of being contacted for that loan.
  Company Awareness - Keeping your company logo in front of your clients is important, promotional pens allow you do to that. You don't have to have your email address, website, phone number, and fax number on every pen. A company name and web address will do just fine. By showering your clients with promotional gifts, they will assume that your company is financially stable and it's because you are spending that extra money to get noticed. Keeping your logo familiar to your clients really helps, especially for food chain restaurants, corporate office advertising to retail chains, and industries like insurance or real estate.
  Thank You Gifts - Arm your sales staff with a "Follow up Gift". A metal promotional pen is the perfect follow up gift that will give your staff a reason to go back to your clients office. "Hi Bill, I just wanted to drop this executive pen off..." sounds a lot better than, "Hi Bill, I wanted to know if you our company's services yet?".
  Employee Appreciation - Instead of giving your employee a plaque for sales, give them an engraved executive pen as an employee appreciation gift or a sales award. The who premise behind a gift is to give a gift that the person would not by themselves by they actually may desire. Not many people my buy themselves an engraved pen, but they may hold on to it for years in the memory of they "Salesman of the Month" prize.

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