How to Pick a Brand of Promotional Pens?

  What Promotional Pen Brand is Right for Me?
  The best answer is what brand has treated you "right" in the past. All brand named promotional pens are usually more expensive than the non-branded pens because those manufacturers have a product reputation to uphold. Larger brand names like BIC and Paper Mate are forced to sand behind their product a little more than the factories that sell non-branded advertising pens. If you order promotional pens from any of our brands, and the quality of the imprint or pen is not to your liking, please let us at know so we can make sure we are keeping excellent customer service from our factories.
  Why Brand Name Pens?
  Promotional brand name pens like BIC, Quill, Parker, and Paper Mate have developed a name that you can trust to be exceptional. When you give your customers brand named pens they are going to be less likely to say that you purchased a "cheap advertising pen". At we have made sure that we offer the cheapest promotional pens on all of our brand names. Price us around, you see!
  Which Brand Names are the Most Popular?
  BIC Promotional Pens, because they have a wide variety of ink colors throughout most of their pens, even offering a mixture of fine point and medium point ink tips. Bic offers black, blue, red and purple ink on selected pens. Bic also has also started another generation of promotional pens under their Solis by Bic pens, new and creative designed pens that are eye catching and ideal for marketing. Bic has also developed their Sheaffer Signature Pens and The Executive Collection pens. Both are excellent for executive gifts and employee appreciation.

As far as formal executive pens or laser engraved pens, try Parker promotional pens. Parker has developed a history of high quality, heavy metal pens that can add a silver or metal die cut logo or emblem on the tip or clip of your pen. Some Parker pen designs are actually hand made to perfection.

Uni-ball Pens! Uni-ball promotional pens are the perfect mix of executive style plastic signature pens that are usually under $8. You will pay a little more for their plastic pen section, but your customers will use it! Many people are addicted to writing with the Uni-ball 207 Gel Ink Pen or the Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen which are both sold for under $2. For a plastic pen, these pens go a long way and are definitely worth the extra expense.


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