How Should I Design my Promotional Pen?

  Designing your Artwork
  Evaluating the purpose of your marketing campaign is a good idea before you design you artwork imprint on your pen. You want to avoid have too much tiny text that just blends together, but at the same time you need to make sure that you determine the "value" of the pen to your customer. The value is defined as the reason why someone will keep your product, not only because it's a free promotional pen, but because of your company's services. Listing a service on your promotional pen is an example of your promotional pen holding a value to your client.
  Too Much Information is BAD
  At we do not really work with the "number of lines of text", we work with an imprint area. So if you promotional pen has an 2.5" x 1" imprint area, you can easily fit up to 4-5 lines of text, but do you really want to? If you have too much information you artwork may not be noticed as easily.
  Which example grabs your attention? Example 1 does... why?
Example 1 - Large Logo Example 2 - 4 lines of text
(877) 622-1062
(877) 622-1062
1050 Glenbrook Way
Hendersonville, TN 37075

  You don't always need every little piece of information listed on your promotional pen. They can get a fax number off of your website or by calling, the same with the mailing address. This type of advertising promotes name recognition, and name branding.
  Stay Away from the Basics
  In the example #1 above, is that enough? Or do you need more? Well we say more!! Imprinting straight text can be a little dull, try adding some clip art or imprinting your company logo instead. Imprinting a company logo onto your promotional pen is a great idea! It helps to establish the name branding that your company need to compete in today's market. For example, close your eyes and think of the McDonalds Logo, just a "M" in the form of golden arches. If you see that "M" on the side of the road you know exactly what company it is. Imprinting the same logo onto your letterhead, banners, car magnet, and of course your promotional pens. Giving your promotional pen some character will help the overall result of your marketing campaign. Even just choosing a different text other than Arial or Times Roman can help add creativity to your promotional pen. offers Free Artwork Recreation as well, we will actually redesign you logo or artwork to fit your marketing campaign and this service is offered for Free.


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