How Do I Distribute my Promotional Pens?

  Bulk Mailings
  One of the great things about promotional pens is they have a low weight for bulk mailing. People love gifts and getting "toys" in the mail. By bulk mailing an advertising pen to your customers you can reach a wide variety of people quickly. When a promotional pen is received in the mail your customer will have their complete attention on their new gift (imprinted with you slogan). Obviously a post card or a standard marketing letter is cheaper solution, but it does not grab your customers attention like a promotional pen. If you are looking for cheaper solution, another good item is a refrigerator magnet. Magnets are a little easier and cheaper to send, but more likely to be discarded.
  Trade Shows
  Easy to carry and gets your marketing slogan to you customer, a promotional pen is ideal for a trade show handout. If you are looking to draw crowds to your booth, you have to give something away... a tote bag, pen, sticky note, something! Why a promotional pen? Well a promotional pen will be used after the tradeshow is over and will act as a constant reminder of your services to your clients. If you are looking for more than just a pen, we offer bulk packaging for $0.30 on all BIC products, so if you would like us to poly back a BIC Clic Stic pen and a Sticky Pad, just add $0.30 per unit to your order. Another good combination is a promotional pen and a full color magnet poly bagged together.
  Business After Hours - Networking
  Stock up on promotional pens and keep them in your car! When you go to your next Chamber Business After Hours event, just give them out! This will give a reason for people to talk to you and will give you the chance to talk about your company. Make sure that your products are displayed somewhere or that you let people know that you are the person with the Free Pens, and people will draw to you! 
  Leave Your Pens Around
  One method of distributing your promotional pens is to just leave them around you everyday errands. For example in the drive through bank teller box when you sign your deposit check or in restaurants with the waiter that brings you the bill. The problem with this method of distribution is that your pens may not make it to the necessary clientele that you are soliciting. If you are a wholesaler of computers (and you only sell to department stores), leaving your promotional pen at Taco Bell really isn't going to help you. Focus on getting your promotional pens to people that will actually use your company. Now if you are selling something like auto insurance or healthcare, give them to everybody! Because everyone is your direct customer.

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